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Processing of the settlement of deposits

Which parties are involved in the deposit clearing process?

Participation in the DPG system is possible in the following functions:

  • First Distributor / Deposit Account Administrator

Drinks manufacturers and importers, as first distributors / deposit account administrators, charge a deposit sum of 25 cents plus turnover tax for each compulsory-deposit one-way drinks packaging that they distribute. This deposit sum is initially administered by them.

  • Collectors / Refund Claimants

Retailers and other final distributors refund, as collectors / refund claimants, the final consumer with the deposit sum of 25 cents for each accepted returned one-way drinks packaging.

The settlement of the deposits between these two parties is undertaken via the DPG system, the benefit here being that the participating companies need not uphold any direct business relationships.

On what basis is deposit clearing undertaken?

One-way drinks packaging are not intended for multiple fillings. Their return to the original distributor is therefore impracticable, from both an economical and an ecological standpoint. After their return by the consumer, the packagings are passed into the recycling process.

Deposit clearing in the DPG-System functions on the basis of electronic raw data sets that are generated in the DPG certificated Reverse Vending Machines on the retailer premises or - in the case of hand-in returns - upon subsequent automated recording in the counting centre. For each collected DPG packaging exactly one signed, non-copyable electronic raw data set is generated.

How does the clearing process appear from the viewpoint of the first distributor / deposit account administrator?

1. Receipt of invoice and notice of claim

The first distributor / deposit account administrator receives an invoice for a certain deposit sum for collected DPG packagings. The actual collection amount associated with the invoice is also sent as an additional receipt in the form of an electronic notice of claim. This contains as evidence the so-called "electronic raw data sets"for all invoiced DPG packagings.

2. Audit the invoice and notice of claim

The first distributor / deposit account administrator audit the paper invoice and the electronic notice of claim for agreement and correctness.

3. Settlement of the deposit claim

After a positive check, the first distributor / deposit account administrator settles the deposit claim within the foreseen period.

This sounds fairly complicated. Where can a first distributor / deposit account administrator seek assistance?

The requirements placed on first distributors / deposit account administrators in the context of the DPG deposit-clearing processes are extensive and require appropriate know-how and personnel, as well as the necessary technical capacity in terms of software and hardware.