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Producers of Reverse Vending Machines

The Deposit Clearing in the DPG-System functions on the basis of electronic raw data sets that are also created by Reverse Vending Machines in the sales areas of the retailers. For each collected DPG packaging exactly one signed, non-copyable electronic raw data set is generated.

Since every data set created has a value of 25 cents, the DPG has high expectations of the collection machines that create these raw data sets.

Companies that want to manufacture DPG certified Reverse vending Machines must conclude a licensing agreement with DPG that essentially places the following obligations on them:

  1. Certification of Reverse Vending Machines

    Within the framework of a two-stage certification procedure producers of Reverse Vending Machines must prove that the mechanics and IT of their types of machinery correspond to the DPG requirements.

  2. Entry in the system database

    Producers of Reverse Vending Machines are obliged to record the DPG machines produced by them in the system database.

  3. Continuous Data Supply

    The producers of Reverse Vending Machines must ensure that sold machines are always able to supply the system database with current article data.