The one-way deposit system - how does it work?

Since 2003, consumers, beverage manufacturers and retailers have organised the issue and return of one-way beverage packaging in combination with a deposit. In this way, everyone involved makes an active contribution to environmental protection and promotes resource-saving material cycles.

Are you selling beverages on the German market?

Many consumers like to use disposable beverage packaging - not least because they can be easily disposed of using the Reverse Vending Machines. This is an important argument in favour of beverage manufacturers joining the DPG one-way deposit process and thus remaining on the safe side, legally speaking.

Do you collect packaging with a one-way deposit?

The system of the Deutsche Pfandsystem (DPG System) enables consumer-friendly return of empty packaging via vending machines, but also via manual withdrawal at the cash desk. The standards agreed within the DPG System promote uncomplicated reimbursement of deposits.


The DPG Disposable Deposit System - A valuable contribution to the Circular Economy

Thanks to the organised deposit cycle, almost 100% of the PET plastic can be kept within a single cycle: After the return by the consumer, the emptied bottle goes through the Reverse Vending Machine to a high-quality recycling, where new bottles are formed from the shredded material. It’s also possible to recycle beverage cans made of aluminium or sheet metal. This means cycles remain closed.


Since Octobre 2003 distributors of one-way drinks packagings shall be obligated to charge the purchaser a deposit of at least 0,25 Euro. The deposit shall be charged by each further distributor at each distribution level until transfer to the final consumer. Since 1. May 2006 all final distributors shall be obligated to accept returned one-way drinks packaging of such material-type (plastics, glass, metals, tec.) as the distributor supplies in his own product range. Distributors of such packagings have to accept returned packagings and refund the compulsory deposit.

Since 1. January 2009 apply aditional duties in distribution of one-way drinks packaging.

  • Distributers of compulsory deposit one-way drinks packaging shall mark such packagings in a clearly legible way an in and in conspiciuos place.

  • Distributers of compulsory deposit one-way drinks packagingshall take part in a nation-wide deposit scheme that allows members of the scheme to manage deposit return claims among themselves.

The DPG Deposit Scheme supports retailers and drink industry to fulfil the legal requirements especially to manage deposit return claims (deposit clearing) by the DPG Database function as host data base.