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  • A functioning system is based on experience, professionalism and perfect organisational structures. The DPG has been able to build up and continuously optimise all of this since 2005. The decisive factor for mutual success, however, is above all a close and fruitful cooperation between all actors and system partners, who use the network in a variety of ways and continually supplement and optimise it for their respective purposes.
  • Support our cooperation with your recommendation, experiences and optimisation suggestions. Together we can improve one day at a time.

Our system partners.

  • Without unique labelling of single-use beverage packaging requiring a deposit, its identification during collection, and its allocation in the case of deposit settlement, including without the creation of clear deposit statements within deposit clearing, it would not be possible to maintain the cycle of reusable materials affected by deposit as well as ensuring the financial compensation between the actors in the German single-use deposit system. Find out below about the diverse tasks of the system partners cooperating in the DPG System.

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Robert Zinecker

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Label manufacturers and Users of DPG Ink

The labelling of one-way beverage packaging is of central importance in the DPG one-way deposit system. The requirements and security specifications that we place on companies that want to produce DPG labels or packaging are correspondingly high. We regulate our cooperation according to a location-related certification process via a binding approval agreement which, among other things, stipulates that only certified Users of DPG Ink can purchase the DPG Ink required for the production of DPG labels and packaging. The test device required to check the print quality is also only available to approved manufacturers.

Revers Vending Machine manufacturers

In the DPG one-way deposit system, deposit clearing is based on electronic data records that include can be generated in DPG Reverse Vending Machines by generating a signed and clearly identifiable data record for each correctly labeled one-way beverage packaging that is collected. Since each of these automatically generated data sets has a value of 25 cents, the DPG places high demands on the manufacturers of Reverse Vending Machines which are set out in a separate Accreditation Agreement. Here too, a two-stage certification process, in which, among other things, the mechanics and IT of different types of machine are checked and the companies undertake to generate data records exclusively on the basis of the contractual specifications.

Sorting Plants

Collectors who do not use RVM (Reverse Vending Machines) to accept empty one-way beverage packaging in their shops can also instruct the DPG-certified Sorting Plants to record the empty one-way beverage containers that have been collected. Here DPG packaging is accepted, read out and cancelled by registered collection points using Industrial Sorting Machines and/or Sorting Benches, so that only the secured data sets have to be integrated into the DPG single-use deposit system as the basis for deposit clearing. Companies that want to operate a DPG Sorting Plant also have to undergo a two-stage certification process and conclude a separate Accreditation Agreement with the DPG in order to ensure that correctly labelled one-way beverage packaging is returned and that DPG records are handled properly.

Clearing Service Provider

The requirements placed on First Distributors as well as Collectors and Refund Claimants as part of the DPG deposit clearing process require professional process know-how and special software and hardware-technical capacities for processing the sometimes very extensive amounts of data. Beverage manufacturers and importers as well as retailers and other end distributors are therefore free within the DPG System to commission experienced service providers with the various tasks of deposit clearing. Depending on the role of the client, a distinction must be made between Deposit Account Service Providers and Refund Claimant Service Providers. In order to be active in one of these functions and to be approved as a contractor within the DPG System, Clearing Service Providers must first conclude an Accreditation Agreement with the DPG.


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