Our core tasks.

As part of our organisation, which is composed equally of trade and industry, we create the appropriate framework conditions and standards for all actors involved in the German one-way deposit system to adequately implement the legally prescribed deposit collection and deposit refund obligation according to the German Packaging Act. Organisationally, this basic idea is also reflected in the dual leadership of the DPG management, which, like the eight-member advisory board, is made up of equal numbers of trade and industry. In order to do justice to our tasks, we guarantee the reliable operation of the central DPG System Database for the implementation of deposit clearing, we develop binding labelling standards, maintain legally compliant contracts for our system partners, implement complex IT interface management and sign for marketing and the public relations work in our non-profit company.

What we don’t do.

As a company, our operational tasks are limited to the management of our nationwide one-way deposit system. We expressly do not intervene in the flow of deposits, goods or returns of an estimated 18 billion non-returnable beverage packagings that are in circulation in Germany every year. These are organised exclusively between First Distributors and Collectors. To do this, we create legally compliant framework conditions, but we are by no means involved in the operational decisions of the system participants. Processing of deposit clearing is also the sole responsibility of the respective System Participant.


For which products does the one-way deposit system actually apply?

What is our one-way deposit system based on?

The basic idea is actually quite simple: If you want to consume a product in a beverage packaging that requires a deposit, you pay a deposit when purchasing it - as collateral for the packaging borrowed from the manufacturer. Once the packaging has served its purpose, consumers can return their empties to any point of sale and in return receive their deposit of 25 cents per unit back.

Who is obliged to collect empty packaging?

Since 1 May 2006, retailers and other end distributors have been obliged to collect all one-way beverage packaging subject to a deposit of the type of material that they themselves sell. This collection obligation applies regardless of the place where the returnable product was originally purchased. However, retailers who only sell one-way PET bottles do not have to accept metal cans or glass bottles. Another exception: Small shops with a sales area of less than 200 m² may limit their collection obligations to brands that they themselves have on offer.

Do I have the right to a refund of the deposit?

Yes, definitely if it is for one-way beverage packaging marked with the DPG Logo. In some special exceptional cases, consumers may not be able to claim a deposit - for example, if the value of the packaging is not clearly visible due to a missing DPG Marking or if the packaging was purchased abroad. Bottles or cans that hold less than 0.1 litres or more than 3 litres are generally considered to be deposit-free.

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