deposit of one way drinks packaging

Compulsory deposit

Since Octobre 2003 distributors of one-way drinks packagings shall be obligated to charge the purchaser a deposit of at least 0,25 Euro. The deposit shall be charged by each further distributor at each distribution level until transfer to the final consumer. Since 1. May 2006 all final distributors shall be obligated to accept returned one-way drinks packaging of such material-type (plastics, glass, metals, tec.) as the distributor supplies in his own product range. Distributors of such packagings have to accept returned packagings and refund the compulsory deposit.

In distribution of one-way drinks packaging the following points are important:

  • Distributers of compulsory deposit one-way drinks packaging shall mark such packagings in a clearly legible way an in and in conspiciuos place.

  • Distributers of compulsory deposit one-way drinks packagingshall take part in a nation-wide deposit scheme that allows members of the scheme to manage deposit return claims among themselves.

The DPG Deposit Scheme supports retailers and drink industry to fulfil the legal requirements especially to manage deposit return claims (deposit clearing) by the DPG Database function as host data base.