counting centre

Counting Centre Operators

Deposit Clearing in the DPG deposit scheme operates on the basis of electronic raw data sets that can also be generated at the subsequent automatic recording in the counting centre. For each collected DPG packaging exactly one signed, non-copiable electronic data set is generated.

Collectors who have no reverse vending machines for the collection of one-way drinks packaging in their shops can commission counting centres with the counting and recording of their empty one-way drinks packagings.

A counting centre is a certified facility that makes use of Industrial Reverse Vending Machines and/or Counting Tables of DPG packagings from collection points, reads them, devalues them and signs raw data sets as a basis for deposit clearing in the DPG-System.

Companies that want to operate counting centres must conclude a licensing agreement with DPG and have the respective location of the counting centre certified by a DPG licenced certification body.

Within the framework of a two-stage certification process operators of Counting Centres must show that, in connection with the collection of DPG packagings, they work properly and generate valid raw data sets.