Drinks manufacturers and importers

Everyone distributing drinks in Germany must clarify whether "his/her/its" products are subject to a compulsory deposit on one-way drinks packaging in accordance with the enacted Packaging Ordinance. If the prerequisites for a compulsory deposit on one-way drinks packaging are fulfilled, the distributor of these products must satisfy the obligations foreseen by the Packaging Ordinance. These are essentially as follows:

  1. Obligation to charge a deposit: for each one-way drinks packaging a deposit of at least 25 cents (including value added tax) must be charged.

  2. Marking obligation: the packaging must be clearly identifiable as being subject to a compulsory deposit.

  3. System-participation obligation: distributors must participate in a nation-wide depostit scheme.

The DPG offers companies required to satisfied these obligations, as distributors of compulsory-deposit one-way drinks packaging, an opportunity to participate in the function of the first distributor / deposit account administrator.