Retailers and other final distributors

For retailsers and other final distributors in Germany who distribute drinks in compulsory-deposit one-way drinks packaging to final consumers, extensive collection obligations apply.

Basically speaking each dealer must collect all compulsory-deposit one-way drinks packaging of the same type of material as those in his/her/its own range.

These statutory specifications confronted many dealers and final distributors with a major problem: They are obligated to immediately refund the end customer, in return for a one-way drinks packaging, 25 cents. Given a large number of such payouts of deposit money to customers, the sums involved can become very substantial. The corresponding deposit sums, however, have often not been taken in by the dealers or final distributors, this collected deposit money usually being administered by the original First Distributors, " i.e. usually the drinks manufacturers or importers. For this reason DPG offers the opportunity to participate in the functions of the Collectors / Refund Claimants within the DPG-System, to obtain a refunding of deposits directly from the First Distributors / Deposit Account Administrators via the DPG-System.