User DPG Ink

The Marking Standards in the DPG System

The marking of one-way drinks packaging is given central importance in the DPG-System. It consists essentially of two components:

  • the so-called "DPG Marking" and
  • an article number (GTIN) that is used exclusively for the German market and that satisfies several important functions.

Licensing Procedures for producers of DPG labels and packagings

In view of their central importance for the marking procedure and security relevance, label printers and packaging manufacturers wishing to produce DPG labels or packagings must conclude a licensing agreement with DPG as so-called "Users DPG Ink" and must undergo a location-related certification process.

Only certified and authorized Users DPG Ink are permitted to purchase the DPG ink from manufacturers of DPG ink necessary for the production of DPG labels and packagings. Moreover, only Users DPG Ink can acquire the so-called quality-assurance unit ["QS-Einheit"] required for checking the print quality of the DPG markings.