Certification requirements

Since the handling of DPG ink is a safety-relevant aspect for the entire system, care must be taken to ensure that the drink-can manufacturers and label printers handle the DPG ink properly. This is checked by means of certification procedures and upon realization is confirmed by a certificate. In discharging the certification process the DPG cooperates with independent certification companies.

A list of current certification companies can be called up at any time under the link "Associated Companies".

Two-Stage Certification Procedure

The certification consists of a two-stage initial certification and annual repeat certifications. For the first stage of the initial certification (security certification) a Stage-1 Certificate will be issued, and for the second stage of the initial certification (process certification) a Stage-2 Certificate (each also being referred to as a "certificate").

Stage 1 Security Certification (once only)

The licensing as a User DPG Ink becomes effective with the issuing of the Stage-1 Certificate for the first certified location.

Within the framework of the security certification it must be shown that the location in question satisfies the infrastructural requirements for use of DPG ink in accordance with the certification regulations.

After issuing of the Stage-1 Certificate (security certification) the recipient company is able, for the first time, to purchase DPG ink for this location from Producers of DPG Ink.

Within six months of the successful stage-1 certification, DPG ink users must successfully complete the second stage of the initial certification (process certification).

Stage 2 Process Certification (validity: 12 months)

To retain the certification, a process audit on operational ink management (stage-2 certification) must be completed with the issuance of a certificate 6 months after obtaining the security certification (stage 1) at the latest. The process audit embraces three main test points:

  • Random-sample on-site checks by the certification body  of the monthly balance sheets to be prepared for DPG ink for each certified location (at least as regards size recording, see checklist) on the basis of company records and proof.
  • Random-sample checking of compliance with the DPG specifications relating to the manufactured products (DPG quality characteristics for DPG markings).
  • The continued existence of the prerequisites for the Stage-1 Certification.

After successful process audit a Stage-2 Certificate is issued, this having a maximum period of validity of 12 months.

An annual repeat certification within 12 months checks compliance with the specifications in accordance with the certification regulations.