history of the dpg

Objectives of the DPG

The essential duties of the DPG involve making the framework conditions and standards for practical implementation of the legally prescribed obligation to charge a deposit and deposit-refunding obligations available to those companies involved in the system. This involves particularly the operation of a central system database for the deposit clearing and the management of the marking standards.

Further core duties of the DPG include

  • Administration of the set of agreements,
  • IT interface management,
  • Certification management,
  • Ownership of the DPG markings,
  • Marketing and PR work for the system.

Basic Principles of the DPG

  • Non-profit-company
  • Strategic duties are limited to the management of marking standards, specifications of the IT interfaces and the certification requirements,
  • Deposit, goods and collection flows being undertaken only between first distributors / deposit account administrators and collectors / refund claimant,
  • No knowledge of deposit money, sales quantities / return quantities and bilateral conditions.