Tasks and obligations

Who is permitted to participate in the DPG system in the functions of the collectors / refund claimants?

Basically speaking, any company that organizes the collection of DPG packagings for itself or for third parties can participate in the DPG system in the functions of collectors / refund claimants. Companies that decide to take part in the DPG system sign, to this end, a framework agreement; the so-called DPG Terms of Participation.

Collectors / Refund Claimants can have deposit money collected for DPG packagings from final consumers refunded to them by the respective distributors via a pre-stipulated standard process. The electronic raw data sets taken from Reverse Vending Machines or Counting Centres form the basis of the settlement process.

On what basic principle does the DPG system function and what does participating mean in the functions of collectors / refund claimants?

The Terms and Conditions of Participation in the DPG-System is a so-called "Form Agreement" that all of the system participants sign. Depending on the role of the company  in the economic cycle, the DPG Terms of Participation are concluded for a variety of functions discharged. Specific rights and obligations are associated with the functions selected by the participant in the DPG system.

The central duties of the refund collectors are:

  1. The organization of the collection of compulsory-deposit non-reusable drinks packagings for oneself or for an associated third party.

  2. The refunding vis-à-vis end consumers of the deposit sum of 25 cents on non-reusables for each non-reusable drinks packaging collected.
  1. The organization of the collection via
    a. certified DPG collection machines in retailers' shops or
    b. hand-in collection and subsequent automatic recording in a licenced DPG counting centre.

  2. Ongoing servicing and updating of the DPG collection machines operated.

  3. Recycling of recovered non-reusable drinks packagings according to the specifications of the Packaging Ordinance.

  4. Duty to pay a Participation Fee.
  1. If deposit claims are to be made in one's own name, participation in the function of a refund claimant is additionally required.

The central duties of the refund claimant are:

  1. Entitlement to lodge deposit claims in one's own name with DPG first distributors / deposit account administrators.

  2. Preparation of deposit invoices based on electronic raw data sets from DPG collection machines or counting centres.

  3. Duty to Pay a Participation Fee.

For processing of the technical deposit clearing collectors and refund claimants can appoint an service provider. A list of service provider can be found here.