Unique - visible – clear

What does make the DPG logo so distinctive? Who is allowed to use it and what functions does it enable? Do label manufacturers and beverage can manufacturers who use the logo and the matching barcode have to fulfil special requirements? Here you can find out more about colours, shapes and binding framework conditions around the small “blue” deposit marking.

For most consumers, the path of emptied one-way beverage bottles or cans ends at the reverse vending machine. Few people know that there is a much more exciting story waiting behind the slot of the reverse vending machine. We take a look behind the scenes.

You can identify single-use beverage packaging by the DPG Logo showing bottle, can and arrow.

A deposit of at least 0.25 euros is charged for all marked single-use beverage packaging, regardless of whether it is a can or a bottle. These bottles and cans can be returned nationwide and are filled only once and recycled after return, e.g. into new disposable beverage packaging. You can find out more about the recycling process in our video.