At the start of 2024, milk, mixed milk beverages and all drinkable milk products offered in one-way plastic beverage bottles with a filling volume of 0.1 to 3.0 litres will carry the DPG deposit logo! According to the German Packaging Act (VerpackG), these beverages become subject to the mandatory deposit and thus integrated into the DPG return and deposit system.

DPG provides additional food for thought
The draft of a European-wide binding packaging wate directive (PPWR) presented by the EU Commission in November 2022 - we reported in the article of 15.12.2022 - has stimulated an intensive discussion about the future of packaging market regulation. The DPG has also taken a position in an official statement.

The main goal is the avoidance of packaging
The EU Commission has presented the long-awaited first draft for an EU Packaging Regulation (PPWR), which is to transpose the requirements of the previous directive into an EU regulation that is directly applicable in the member states. The aim is to reduce the continuously increasing per capita volume of (disposable) packaging in each member state. Deposit and return systems are recognised as key players in ensuring sustainable material cycles.

Important notice to all producers and importers of beverages:
Since 1 July 2022 First Distributors are legally obliged to register in the packaging register LUCID!

The new Packaging Act of 9 June 2021, published in the Federal Law Gazette (Bun-desgesetzblatt, BGBl) on 14 June 2021, came into force on 3 July 2021. The changes in the Packaging Act also affect the distribution of beverage in disposable packaging.