Important notice to all producers and importers of beverages:
Since 1 July 2022 First Distributors are legally obliged to register in the packaging register LUCID!

With the amendment to the Packaging Act of 9 June 2021, there are additional obligations for First Distributors - meaning companies that commercially sell deposit-required one-way beverage packaging in Germany. Since 1 July 2022, anyone who is considered to be a First Distributor under the German Packaging Act must be properly registered in the LUCID Packaging Register of the Central Agency Packaging Register (Stiftung Zentrale Stelle Verpackungsregister - ZSVR). The registration must be done by the individual companies directly and can NOT be delegated to authorized service providers.

Please note: If a company already/continue to place packaging subject to system participation or one-way beverage packaging not subject to mandatory deposit, under the brand names on the market they do not have to register a second time with the LUCID Packaging Register. A registration amendment (Änderungsregistrierung), indicating their corresponding brand names is sufficient.

How exactly the initial and/or amendment registration works is explained step by step on the ZSVR website at According to the ZSVR, it is advisable to have the following information and data ready in order to facilitate the online registration process:

  • Who is responsible for the registration of packaging in the company? (Details of the person in charge, including e-mail and password of your choice for login)
  • Company address
  • Value added tax identification number (VAT ID)
  • National identification number (e.g. commercial register number)
  • List of all brand names that are placed on the market in packaging subject to registration (quantity details!).

According to the ZSVR, violations of registration requirements may result in a ban on distribution. As of 1 July 2022, fulfillment service providers and electronic marketplaces may only work with companies that have fulfilled their obligation to register in the LUCID Packaging Register and their system participation obligations with the Central Agency Packaging Register.

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